Toyota Corolla (E120) 2002–2008 Repair Manual / Automatic transmission / trans

Toyota Corolla (E120): Automatic transmission / trans

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Circuit description
The rear heated oxygen sensor is used to monitor oxygen concentration in the exhaust gas. For optimum catalytic converter operation, the air fuel mixture must be maintained near the ideal ”stoichiometric” ratio. The heated oxygen sensor output voltage changes suddenly in the vicinity of ...

Hydraulic test
1. Perform hydraulic test Measure the line pressure. Notice: Do the test at normal operation atf temperature 50 to 80 °c (122 to 176 °f). The line pressure test should always be carried out in pairs. One technician should observe the conditions of wheels or wheel stopper outsi ...

Floor shift cable transmission control shift (atm)
Replacement 1. Precaution 2. Disconnect battery negative terminal 3. Remove parking brake hole cover sub–assy 4. Remove console panel upper 5. Remove console box carpet 6. Remove console box sub–assy rear 7. Remove air bag sensor assy center 8. Disconnect oxygen sensor connector ...