Toyota Corolla (E170) 2014–2019 Owners Manual / Interior features / Bluetooth® phone (Multimedia system)

Toyota Corolla (E170): Bluetooth® phone (Multimedia system)

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Wiring diagram
1 Inspect terminal voltage(pi) (a) turn Turn the ignition switch to on.  measure voltage between terminal 5 (pi) of cruise control ecu assy and body ground, when the cruise control main switch button is on and off. Ok: 2 Inspect combination meter assy 3 Check harn ...

How to proceed with troubleshooting
Hint: troubleshooting of the wireless door lock control system is based on the premise that the power door lock system is operating normally. Therefore, before troubleshooting the wireless door lock control system, first make certain that the the power door lock system is operating ...

Doors Locking/unlocking Opening/closing the side windows Locking/unlocking by using the mechanical key*1 Warning messages Trunk Opening from inside Opening from outside Warning messages Outside rear view mirrors Adjusting the mirror angle Folding the mirrors Defogging the mirrors*2 ...