Toyota Corolla (E120): Short in side squib (lh) circuit (to ground)

Dtc b0117/45 short in side squib (lh) circuit (to ground)

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Circuit description
The purpose of this circuit is to prevent the engine from stalling while driving in lock–up condition, when brakes are suddenly applied. When the brake pedal is depressed, this switch sends a signals to the ecm. Then the ecm cancels the operation of the lock–up clutch while braking is i ...

Body panel undercoating areas
Apply pastar uwe or pastar uc to the chassis, floor underside, sheet metal fitting weld points of the body, and inside of the wheel house to prevent rust and noise, as well as protect the body from flying rocks. Hint:  work must be performed while wearing the appropriate protective ...

Evap monitor (vacuum pressure monitor) (continued)
Preconditions The monitor will not run unless: mil is off. Fuel level is approximately 1/2 to 3/4. Altitude is 7800 feet (2400 m) or less.* Engine coolant temperature (ect) is between 40°f and 95°f (4.4 °C and 35 °C). Intake air temperature (iat) is between 40°f and 95 ...