Toyota Corolla (E120): Terminals of ecm

*1: W/ cruise control

*1: W/ cruise control

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    Starting system
    Inspection 1. Inspect starter assy Notice: these tests must be performed within 3 to 5 seconds to prevent burnout of the coil.  perform the pull–in test.  Remove the nut, then disconnect the lead wire from terminal c. Connect the battery to the starter repai ...

    Speaking on the phone
    The following screen is displayed when speaking on the phone. To adjust the call volume Select “-” or “+”. You can also adjust the volume using the steering switches or the volume knob. To prevent the other party from hearing your voice Select “Mute”. Inputting tones When using ...

    Heater control & accessory assy
    Replacement 1. Remove console panel upper 2. Remove instrument cluster finish panel 3. Remove heater control & accessory assy Release the 2 fitting claws and pull out the heater control & accessory assy. Using a screwdriver, open the claw of the cable clamp and dis ...