Toyota Corolla (E120): Outer rear view mirror assy lh




  • installation is according to the reverse order of the removal.
  • In the rh side, work in the same procedure as in the lh side.

1. Remove front armrest assy lh

2. Remove power window regulator master switch assy (w/ power window)

3. Remove front armrest base panel upper lh (w/o power window)

4. Remove front door window regulator handle assy (w/o power window)

5. Remove front door lower frame bracket garnish lh

6. Remove front door trim board sub–assy lh

7. Remove outer rear view mirror assy lh

  1.  remove the 3 nuts and the rear view mirror assembly lh, and then disconnect the connector.

8. Install outer rear view mirror assy lh

torque: 8.0 Nvm (81 kgfvcm, 71 in.Vlbf)

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