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BMW 5 Series 2016-2022 Owners Manual: Software update

General information

The vehicle supports a large number of mobile devices, for example mobile phones and MP3 players. Software updates are available for many of the supported devices. The vehicle is kept upto- date via regular vehicle software updates.

Updates and associated, current information is available on the Internet:

Displaying the version of the installed software

The software version installed in the vehicle is displayed.

Via iDrive:

1. "My Vehicle".

2. "iDrive settings".

3. "Software update".

4. "Show current version".

If an update has been carried out before, select the desired version to display additional information.

Updating software via USB

The software may only be updated when the vehicle is stationary.

Via iDrive:

1. Store the file for the software update in the main directory of a USB flash drive.

2. Connect the USB data storage to a USB interface.

3. "My Vehicle".

4. "iDrive settings".

5. "Software update".

6. "Update software".

7. "USB".

8. "Install software".

9. "OK".

10.Wait for the update to complete.

11."Shut down system".

If necessary, switch off the engine first.

Restoring the software version

You can restore the software to the version prior to the last update or to its factory settings.

The software may only be restored when the vehicle is stationary.

Via iDrive:

1. "My Vehicle".

2. "iDrive settings".

3. "Software update".

4. "Restore software".


6. "Remove software".

7. "OK".

8. Wait for restore.

9. "Shut down system".

If necessary, switch off the engine first.

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