Toyota Corolla (E120) 2002–2008 Repair Manual / Seat / Rear seat(sedan with separate type)

Toyota Corolla (E120): Rear seat(sedan with separate type)

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Favorite settings
My Settings Drivers are identified using devices such as electronic keys to store the vehicle settings for each. Then the information can be recalled the next time the vehicle is driven. Authentication devices can be assigned in advance to drivers so that they can drive using their preferred settin ...

Seat belt warning lamp for front passenger’s seat does not flash
Wiring diagram Inspection procedure 1 Inspect combination meter assy Ground terminal c9–11 on the combination meter side.  check that the warning lightlights up. Ok: warning light lights up. 2 Inspect passenger seat belt warning lamp assy Ground terminal c9– ...

1. Pre–check Check that the cruise control actuator assy, acceleration wire, accelerator auto drive cable assy, and link assy are installed correctly and that the wire and link are securely connected. check that the operating movement of the acceleration pedal, cruise control actu ...