Toyota Corolla (E120): Components


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    Listening to an iPod
    Connecting an iPod enables you to enjoy music from the vehicle speakers. Press until “iPod” is displayed. Connecting an iPod Control panel 1 Power 2 Volume 3 Fast-forward or reverse 4 Repeat play 5 Shuffle playback 6 Select an iPod menu/song or display song list 7 Displays text mess ...

    Optimal use of the multimedia system
    On the “Sound Settings” screen, sound quality (Treble/Mid/ Bass), volume balance can be adjusted. How to adjust the sound settings and sound quality 1 2 3 Select “-” or “+” to adjust the treble, mid or bass to a level between -5 and 5. 4 5 Select “Front” or “Rear” to adjus ...

    1. Remove console box sub–assy rear 2. Remove parking brake lever sub–assy 3. Remove exhaust pipe assy front 4. Remove front floor heat insulator no.1 Remove the 3 nuts and front floor insulator no.1. 5. Remove front floor heat insulator no.2 Remove the 2 nuts and front ...