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BMW 5 Series 2016-2022 Owners Manual: Overview

Buttons in the vehicle

Intelligent Safety

Intelligent Safety

Thermal image

CameraThermal image


The camera is automatically heated when the external

The camera is automatically heated when the external temperatures are low.

When the vehicle lighting is switched on, the camera objective is cleaned at regular intervals when the windshield washer system is activated.

Switching on

Switching on automatically

When it is dark outside, the system is automatically active after every driving off.

Switching on the thermal image

The thermal image from the Night Vision camera can be displayed on the Control Display in addition to the warning function. This function has no effect on object detection.

Press the button.

The image from the camera is displayed on the Control Display.

Adjusting the thermal image

Brightness and contrast can be adjusted, when the thermal image is switched on.

Via iDrive:

1. Select brightness or contrast.

2. Set the desired value.

Warning function


  Animal warning.Person warning.

Symbol lights up  Animal warning.

Symbol lights up red.


Symbol flashes red and a signal sounds.

Acute warning.

the vehicle equipment, a Alternatively, depending on the vehicle equipment, a red warning triangle lights up or flashes in the instrument cluster.

The displayed symbol may vary and shows the side of the road on which the person or animal was detected.

Warning of people or animals in danger

If a collision with a person or an animal detected in this way is imminent, a warning symbol appears on the instrument cluster and in the Head-up Display.

Although both the shape and the heat radiation are analyzed, false warnings cannot be ruled out.

Warning area in front of the vehicle

The warning area for the person warning consists

The warning area for the person warning consists of two parts:

With animal warnings, no distinction is made between the central or expanded area.

The entire area moves along with the vehicle in the direction of the steering angle and changes with the vehicle speed. As the vehicle speed increases, the area becomes, for instance longer and wider.


Prewarning for persons is displayed when a person is detected in the central area immediately in front of the vehicle as well as on the left or right side in the extended area.

Prewarning for animals is displayed when an animal is detected in the front of the vehicle.

If a prewarning is issued, intervene by braking or making an evasive maneuver.

Acute warning

Acute warning is displayed if a person or an animal is detected in direct proximity in front of the vehicle.

If an acute warning is issued, brake or make an evasive maneuver immediately.

Display in the Head-up Display

The warning is displayed simultaneously in the Head-up Display and on the instrument cluster.

System limits

Basic limits

The system may not be fully functional in the following situations:

Limits of pedestrian and animal detection

In some situations, it may occur that pedestrians are detected as animals or animals as pedestrians.

Small animals are not detected by the object detection function, even if they are clearly visible in the image.

Limited detection, for instance in the following circumstances:

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Lane departure warning

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