Toyota Corolla (E120): Outside vehicle

General maintenance

Performing these maintenance checks on the vehicle in the owner’s responsibility. The owner may perform the maintenance or take the vehicle to a service center.

Check the parts of the vehicle described below on a daily basis. In most cases, special tool are not required. It is recommended that the owner perform these checks.

The procedures for general maintenance are as follows.

1. General notes

  • maintenance requirements vary depending on the country.
  • Check the maintenance schedule in the owner’s manual supplement.
  • Following the maintenance schedule is mandatory.
  • Determine the appropriate time to service the vehicle using either miles driven or time (month) elapsed, whichever reaches the specification first.
  • Maintain similar intervals between periodic maintenance unless noted.
  • Failng to check each vehicle part could lead to poor engine performance and increase exhaust emissions.

2. Tires

  1.  check the tire pressure with a gauge. Make adjustments if necessary.
  2.  check the surfaces of tires for cuts, damage or excessive wear.

3. Wheel nuts

  1.  check for nuts that are loose or missing. Tighten them if necessary.

4. Tire rotation

  1.  check the maintenance schedule in the owner’s manual supplement.

5. Windshield wiper blades

  1.  check the blades for wear or cracks when they are unable to wipe the windshield clean. Replace them if necessary.

6. Fluid leaks

  1.  check under the vehicle for leaking fuel, oil, water and other fluids.
  2.  if you smell gasoline fumes or notice any leaks, the cause and correct it.

7. Doors and engine hood

  1.  all of the doors and the tailgate operate smoothly, and that all the latches lock securely.
  2.  when the primary latch is released, check if the engine hood secondary latch prevents the hood from opening.
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