Toyota Corolla (E120): Inside vehicle

General maintenance

Performing these maintenance checks on the vehicle in the owner’s responsibility. The owner may perform the maintenance or take the vehicle to a service center.

Check the parts of the vehicle described below on a daily basis. In most cases, special tool are not required. It is recommended that the owner perform these checks.

The procedures for general maintenance are as follows.

1. General notes

  • maintenance requirements vary depending on the country.
  • Check the maintenance schedule in the owner’s manual supplement.
  • Following the maintenance schedule is mandatory.
  • Determine the appropriate time to service the vehicle using either miles driven or time (month) elapsed, whichever reaches the specification first.
  • Maintain similar intervals between periodic maintenance unless noted.
  • Failng to check each vehicle part could lead to poor engine performance and increase exhaust emissions.

2. Lights

  1.  check if that the headlights, stop lights, taillights, turn signal lights, and other lights illuminate or blink.

    Also, check if they have enough brightness.

  2.  check it the headlights are aimed properly.

3. Warning lights and buzzers

  1.  check that all the warning lights and buzzers are working.

4. Horn

  1.  check that the horn is working.

5. Windshield glass

  1.  check for scratches, pits or abrasions.

6. Windshield wiper and washer

  1.  check if the wind washers are aimed properly. Also, check if the washer fluid hits the center of the operating rage of each wiper on the windshield.
  2.  check if the wipers streak or not.

7. Windshield defroster

  1.  when the heater or air conditioner is on the defroster setting, check if air comes out of the defroster outlet.

8. Rear view mirror

  1.  check that the rear view mirror is securely mounted.

9. Sun visors

  1.  check that the sun visors move freely and are securely mounted.

10. Steering wheel

  1.  check that the steering wheel has the proper freeplay. Also check for steering difficulty, freeplay in the steering wheel and unusual noises.

11. Seats

  1.  check if the seat adjusters, seatback recliner and other front seat controls operate smoothly.
  2.  check that all the latches lock securely in all positions.
  3.  check that the locks hold securely in all latched positions.
  4.  check that the head restraints move up and down smoothly and that the locks hold securely in all latched positions.
  5.  when the rear seatbacks are folded down, check if the latches lock securely.

12. Seat belts

  1.  check that the seat belt system such as the buckles, retractors and anchors operate properly and smoothly.
  2.  check that the belt webbing is not cut, frayed, worn or damaged.

13. Accelerator pedal

  1.  check the pedal for smooth operation, uneven pedal effort and catching.

14. Clutch pedal

  1.  check the pedal for smooth operation.
  2.  check that the pedal has the proper freeplay.

15. Brake pedal

  1.  check the pedal for smooth operation.
  2.  check that the pedal has the proper reserve distance and freeplay.
  3.  start the engine and check the brake booster function.

16. Brakes

  1.  in a safe place, check that the vehicle remains straight when applying the brakes.

17. Parking brake

  1.  check that the lever has the proper range of motion
  2.  on a low incline, check if the parking brake alone can stabilize the vehicle.

18. Automatic transaxle ”park” mechanism

  1.  check the lock release button of the selector lever for proper and smooth operation.
  2.  on a low incline, check if the parking brake alone can satabilize the vehicle.
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