Toyota Corolla (E170): General settings

Settings are available for adjusting the operation sounds, screen animation, etc.

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1. Remove manual transmission filler plug Remove the manual transmission filler plug and gasket from the manual transmission case. 2. Remove drain (mtm) plug sub–assy Remove the drain (mtm) plug sub–assy and gasket from the manual transmission case. 3. Remove speedomete ...

Confirmation driving pattern
Connect the hand–held tester or the obd ii scan tool to the dlc3.  record dtcs and the freeze frame data.  set the check mode using the hand–held tester .  read the value on the misfire counter for each cylinder when idling. If the value is displayed on the misfire c ...

Adjusting the mirrors
Make sure that you can see backward clearly by adjusting the inside and outside rear view mirrors properly. CAUTION Observe the following precautions. Failure to do so may result in death or serious injury. ●Do not adjust the position of the driver’s seat while driving. Doing so could ...