Toyota Corolla (E170): Editing the contact data

For PBAP compatible Bluetooth® phones, this function is available when “Automatic Contact/History Transfer” is set to off. 1 Select “Edit Contact”.

2 Select the desired contact.

3 Select corresponding to the desired name or number.

► For editing the name Follow the steps in “Registering a new contact to the contacts list” from “STEP 3”.

► For editing the number Follow the steps in “Registering a new contact to the contacts list” from “STEP 4”.

■ Editing the contacts in a different way (From the “Contact Details” screen)

1 Display the phone screen. 2 Select the “Contacts”, “Call History” tab or the “Favorites” tab and select the desired contact.

3 Select “Edit Contact”.

“E-mail Addresses”: Select to display all registered e-mail addresses for the contact.

4 Follow the steps in “Editing the contact data” from “STEP 4”.

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