Toyota Corolla (E120): Components


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    Dialing from call history
    You can make a call using the call history, which has the 3 functions below. : calls which you missed : calls which you received : calls which you made 1 Display the phone screen. 2 Select “Call History” tab. 3 Select or the desired entry from the list. ► When is selected 4 C ...

    1. Pre–check Check that the cruise control actuator assy, acceleration wire, accelerator auto drive cable assy, and link assy are installed correctly and that the wire and link are securely connected. check that the operating movement of the acceleration pedal, cruise control actu ...

    Torque converter clutch and drive plate (atm)
    Inspection 1. Inspect torque converter clutch assy Inspect the one–way clutch.  Set sst into the inner race of the one–way clutch. Sst 09350–32014 (09351–32010)  set sst so that it fits in the notch of the converter hub and outer race of the one–way clutch. ...