Toyota Corolla (E120): Amplifier antenna assy



: components:

  1. Remove roof headlining assy


: do not bend the roof headlining assy.



  • refer to the procedure from ”remove roof headlining assy” of roof headlining assy.
  • Remove the related parts as long as the amplifier antenna assy can be removed.

2. Remove roof antenna pole sub–assy

3. Remove amplifier antenna assy

  1. Disconnect the connector and antenna cord plug.
  2.  remove the clamp.
  3.  remove the antenna nut and amplifier antenna assy.

4. Install amplifier antenna assy

  1. Set the amplifier antenna assy to the hole on the roof, and place the antenna cord on the cutout of the antenna nut.
  2.  install the amplifier antenna assy with the antenna nut.

    Torque: 4.5 Nvm (46 kgfvcm, 40 in.Vlbf)

5. Install roof headlining assy

6. Install rear seat back assy (fixed type rear seat)

7. Install rear seat back assy (separated type rear seat)

8. Install bench type rear seat cushion assy

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