Toyota Corolla (E170) 2014–2019 Owners Manual / Interior features / “SET UP” menu / Using the “SET UP” menu (“Phone” menu)

Toyota Corolla (E170): Using the “SET UP” menu (“Phone” menu)

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Listing the registered portable players
Select “List Audio” using .  The list of registered portable players will be displayed. ● Connecting the registered portable player to the audio system 1 Select the name of the portable player to be connected using . 2 Select “Select” using . ● Deleting the registered ...

Circuit description
The vehicle equipped with abs detects a vehicle speed using the stability control ecu and wheel speed sensor. This sensor monitors a wheel rotation speed and sends the signal to the ecu. The stability control ecu converts these wheel speed signals into a 4–pulse signal and outputs it to ...

Auto connection
To turn auto connection mode on, set “Bluetooth* Power” to on. When you register a phone, auto connection will be activated. Always set it to this mode and leave the Bluetooth® phone in a place where a connection can be established. When the engine switch is turned to ACCESSORY or ON <IG ...