Toyota Corolla (E170) 2014–2019 Owners Manual / Driving / Using the driving support systems

Toyota Corolla (E170): Using the driving support systems

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Inspection procedure
1 Check wire harness(airbag sensor assy center – front seat inner belt assy lh) Disconnect the negative (–) terminal cable from the battery, and wait at least for 90 seconds.  disconnect the connectors between the airbag sensor assy center and the front seat inner belt assy ( ...

Inspection procedure
Hint: if different dtcs related to different systems that have terminal e2 as the ground terminal are output simultaneously, terminal e2 may be open. Read freeze frame data using the hand-held tester or the obd ii scan tool. Freeze frame data records the engine conditions when a malf ...

The indicators inform the driver of the operating state of the vehicle’s various systems. *1: Vehicles without a smart key system: These lights turn on when the engine switch is turned to the “ON” position to indicate that a system check is being performed. They will turn off after the ...