Toyota Corolla (E120): Short in squib (2nd step) circuit (to b+)

Dtc b1188/56 short in squib (2nd step) circuit (to b+)

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Check dlc3
The vehicle’s ecm uses the iso 9141–2 for communication protocol. The terminal arrangement of the dlc3 complies with sae j1962 and matches the iso 9141–2 format. Hint: if the display shows unable to connect to vehicle when you have connected the cable of the obd ii scan tool or the h ...

Content of driving information
■ Display items Speedometer display/Driving range Fuel economy Eco Driving Indicator/Driving range ■ Speedometer display/Driving range Speedometer display Driving range Displays driving range with remaining fuel. Use the displayed values as a reference only. This distance is computed ...

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