Toyota Corolla (E120): Harf connection in airbag sensor assy connector

Dtc b1135/24 harf connection in airbag sensor assy connector

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Circuit description
Shifting from 1st to o/d is performed in combination with on and off of the shift solenoid valve s1 and s2 controlled by ecm. If an open or short circuit occurs in either of the solenoid valves, the ecm controls the remaining normal solenoid valve to allow the vehicle to be operated smoothly ...

Problem symptoms table
When the malfunction code is not confirmed in the diagnostic trouble code check and the problem still can not be confirmed in the basic inspection, proceed to this problem symptoms tables and troubleshoot according to the numbered order given below. *: A/t only ...

Favorite settings
My Settings Drivers are identified using devices such as electronic keys to store the vehicle settings for each. Then the information can be recalled the next time the vehicle is driven. Authentication devices can be assigned in advance to drivers so that they can drive using their preferred settin ...