Toyota Corolla (E120): Coolant


1. Drain coolant



: to avoid the danger of being burned, do not remove the radiator cap while the engine and radiator are still hot, as fluid and steam can be blown out under pressure.

  1.  remove the radiator cap.
  2.  loosen the radiator and engine drain plugs, and drain the coolant.
  3.  close the drain plugs.

    Torque: 13 nvm (130 Kgf·cm, 9 ft·lbf) for engine

2. Add coolant

  1. Slowly fill the system with coolant.



  • use of improper coolants may damage engine cooling system.
  • Use ”toyota long life coolant” or equivalent and mix it with plain water according to the manufacturer’s directions.
  • Using of coolant with includes more than 50 % (freezing protection down to –35 c (–31 f) or 60 % (freezing protection down to –50 c (–58 f)) of ethylene–glycol is recommended but not more than 70 %.



  • do not use an alcohol type coolant or plain water alone.
  • The coolant should be mixed with plain water (preferably demineralized water).

    Capacity: 6.5 Liters (6.9 Us qts, 5.7 Lmp. Qts)

3. Check engine coolant leak

  1.  fill the radiator with coolant and attach a radiator cap tester.
  2.  pump it to 118 kpa and check leakage.
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