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BMW 5 Series 2016-2022 Owners Manual: Concept, General information, Safety information


Using this system, a desired speed and a distance to a vehicle ahead can be adjusted using the buttons on the steering wheel.

The system maintains the desired speed on clear roads. For this purpose, the vehicle accelerates or brakes automatically.

If a vehicle is driving ahead of you, the system adjusts the speed of your vehicle so that the set distance to the vehicle ahead is maintained. The speed is adjusted as far as the given situation allows.

General information

A radar sensor is located in the front bumper and a camera on the interior mirror to detect vehicles driving ahead of you.

Depending on the vehicle setting, the cruise control settings may change under certain conditions.

For instance, acceleration can change depending on the driving mode.

The distance can be adjusted in several steps.

For safety reasons, it depends on the respective speed.

If the vehicle ahead of you brakes to a halt, and then proceeds to drive again within a brief period, the system is able to detect this within the given system limits.

Safety information


The system cannot serve as a substitute for the driver's personal judgment in assessing the traffic conditions. Based on the limits of the system, it cannot independently react to all traffic situations. There is a risk of accident. Adjust driving style to traffic conditions. Watch traffic closely and actively intervene where appropriate.


An unsecured vehicle can begin to move and possibly roll away. There is a risk of accident.

Before exiting, secure the vehicle against rolling.

In order to ensure that the vehicle is secured against rolling away, follow the following:


The desired speed can be incorrectly adjusted or called up by mistake. There is a risk of accident.

Adjust the desired speed to the traffic conditions. Watch traffic closely and actively intervene where appropriate.


Risk of accident due to too high speed differences to other vehicles, for instance in the following situations:

There is a risk of injuries or danger to life.

Watch traffic closely and actively intervene where appropriate.

Active Cruise Control with Stop & Go function ACC

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