Toyota Corolla (E170): Air conditioning controls

■ Adjusting the temperature setting

Adjusting the temperature setting

To adjust the temperature setting, turn and turn  counterclockwise to decrease clockwise to increase the temperature and turn the temperature. counterclockwise to decrease the temperature.

■ Fan speed setting

Press “>” on speed. to increase the fan speed.

Press “<” on ■ Change the airflow mode to decrease the fan speed.

■ Change the airflow mode

To change the airflow, press “<” or “>” on The air outlets used are switched each time either side of the button is pressed..

The air outlets used are switched each time either side of the button is pressed.

■ Other functions

● Switching between outside air and recirculated air modes ● Defogging the windshield ● Defogging the rear window and outside rear view mirrors

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