Toyota Corolla (E170): Steering wheel audio switches

Some audio features can be controlled using the switches on the steering wheel.

Operation may differ depending on the type of audio system or navigation system. For details, refer to the manual provided with the audio system or navigation system.

Operating the audio system using the steering wheel switches

1 Volume switch:
• Press: Increases/decreases volume • Press and hold: Continuously increases/decreases volume

2 Radio mode:
• Press: Selects a radio station • Press and hold: Seeks up/ down CD, MP3/WMA disc, Bluetooth®, iPod or USB mode:

• Press: Selects a track/file/song • Press and hold: Selects a folder or album (MP3/WMA disc, Bluetooth®, iPod or USB)

3 “MODE” switch:
• Press: Turns the power on, selects an audio source • Press and hold: Mutes or pauses the current operation.

To cancel the mute or pause, press and hold again.


■To reduce the risk of an accident

Exercise care when operating the audio switches on the steering wheel.

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