Toyota Corolla (E120): Short in side squib (lh) circuit (to b+)

Dtc b0118/46 short in side squib (lh) circuit (to b+)

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1. Remove combination meter assembly 2. Disconnect brake master cylinder push rod clevis  remove the clip and push rod clevis pin and wave washer, and disconnect the push rod clevis from the brake pedal. 3. Remove brake pedal support sub–assy Remove the bolt from the bra ...

Circuit description
The intake air temperature (iat) sensor, mounted on the mass air flow (maf) sensor, monitors the intake air temperature. The iat sensor has a thermistor that varies its resistance depending on the temperature of the intake air. When the air temperature is low, the resistance in the thermisto ...

Steering column
Preparation Sst Recomended tools Equipment ...