Toyota Corolla (E120): Rear axle lh hub bolt



: components:

1. Remove rear wheel

2. Remove rear brake drum sub–assy

3. Remove rear axle lh hub bolt

  1. Using sst and a hammer handle or an equivalent, remove the lh hub bolt.

    Sst 09628–10011

4. Install rear axle lh hub bolt

  1. Install a washer and nut to a new lh hub bolt as shown in the illustration.
  2.  using a hammer handle or an equivalent to hold the rear axle hub & bearing assy lh, install the lh hub bolt by tightening the nut.

5. Install rear brake drum sub–assy

6. Install rear wheel

torque: 103 nvm (1,050 Kgf·cm, 76 ft·lbf)

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