Toyota Corolla (E120) 2002–2008 Repair Manual / Brake / Parking brake cable assy no.3

Toyota Corolla (E120): Parking brake cable assy no.3

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Glossary of sae and toyota terms
This glossary lists all sae–j1930 terms and abbreviations used in this manual in compliance with sae recommendations, as well as their toyota equivalents. ...

1. Remove engine under cover rh 2. Drain coolant 3. Remove fan and generator v belt 4. Remove generator assy Disconnect the wire clamp from the wire clip on the rectifire end frame.  remove the rubber cap and nut, and disconnect the alternator wire.  disconnect the ...

Hint: components: 1. Remove floor shift shift lever knob sub–assy 2. Remove console panel upper 3. Remove parking brake hole cover sub–assy 4. Remove console box sub–assy rear 5. Separate floor shift cable transmission control shift Separate the end of the shift cable from the ...