Toyota Corolla (E120): Location

On–vehicle inspection

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    Adjustment Hint: since the centering bolt is used as a hood hinge and hood lock set bolt, the hood and hood lock can not be adjusted with it on. Substitute a bolt with washer for the centering bolt. 1. Inspect hood sub–assy Check that the clearance is within the standard value. ...

    Audio system types
    ► Without Multimedia system ► With Multimedia system ► With navigation system Owners of models equipped with a navigation system should refer to the “Navigation System Owner's Manual”. ■Using cellular phones Interference may be heard through the audio system ...

    Shift position uses
    *: Shifting to the D position allows the system to select a gear suitable for driving conditions. Setting the shift lever to the D position is recommended for normal driving. ■Downshifting restrictions The shift lever cannot be downshifted if the following speeds are exceeded. mph (km ...