Toyota Corolla (E120): Location

Problem symptoms table

Problem symptoms table


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    1. Check and adjust brake pedal height Inspect brake pedal height. Pedal height from asphalt sheet: m/t: 134.9 – 144.9 Mm (5.311 – 5.703 In.) A/t: 136.0 – 146.0 Mm (5.353 – 5.747 In.)  Disconnect the connector from the stop lamp switch.  Remove the stop lamp ...

    On–vehicle inspection
    1. Connect hand–held tester:  connect the hand–held tester to the dlc3.  start the engine and run it at idle.  select the active test mode on the hand–held tester. Hint: please refer to the hand–held tester operator’s manual for further details. 2. Inspect actua ...

    Child restraint systems
    Before installing a child restraint system in the vehicle, there are precautions that need to be observed, different types of child restraint systems, as well as installation methods, etc., written in this manual. Use a child restraint system when riding with a small child that cannot properly use a ...