Toyota Corolla (E120): Location

On–vehicle inspection

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    Front seat airbag assy rh
    Disposal Hint: when scrapping vehicles equipped with an srs or disposing of the front seat airbag assy always first deploy the airbag in accordance with the procedure described below. If any abnormality occurs with the airbag deployment, contact the service dept. Of toyota motor sales ...

    1. Remove generator pulley Sst 09820–63010 (09820–06010, 09820–06020) Hint: Hold sst 1 – a with a torque wrench, and tighten sst 1 – b clockwise to the specified torque. Torque: 39 nvm (398 Kgf·cm, 29 ft·lbf) Notice: check that sst is secured to the rotor shaft. ...

    Fail–safe chart
    If any of the following codes is recorded, the ecm enters the fail–safe mode. Check for intermittent problems Hand–held tester only: by putting the vehicle’s ecm in the check mode, the 1 trip detection logic is possible instead of the 2 trip detection logic, and the sensitivity to de ...