Toyota Corolla (E120): Front suspension


Front wheel alignment

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    Circuit description
    The p squib circuit consists of the airbag sensor assy center and instrument panel passenger airbag assy. It causes the srs to deploy when the srs deployment conditions are satisfied. Dtc b0105/53 is recorded when a short is detected in the p squib circuit. Wiring diagram ...

    Radio broadcast cannot be received (bad reception)
    Inspection procedure 1 Check if radio auto–search functions properly Check if the radio auto–search functions properly.  Perform the auto–search of the radio and check that it functions normally. Standard: the radio auto–search functions properly. 2 Check optional ...

    Location of the spare tire, jack and tools
    1 Luggage floor cover 2 Wheel nut wrench 3 Jack handle 4 Jack attachment* 5 Jack 6 Spare tire 7 Tool tray *: The jack attachment is used when raising your vehicle with a floor jack. CAUTION ■Using the tire jack Observe the following precautions. Improper use of the tire jack may c ...