Toyota Corolla (E210): Exterior

  1. Doors Locking/unlocking Opening/closing the side windows Locking/unlocking by using the mechanical key*1 Warning messages
  2. Trunk Opening from inside Opening from outside
    Warning messages
  3. Outside rear view mirrors Adjusting the mirror angle Folding the mirrors
    Defogging the mirrors*2
  4. Windshield wipers Precautions for winter season To prevent freezing (windshield wiper de-icer)*2
  5. Fuel filler door Refueling method Fuel type/fuel tank capacity
  6. Tires Tire size/inflation pressure Winter tires/tire chains Checking/rotation/tire pressure warning system*2 Coping with flat tires
  7. Hood Opening
    Engine oil
    Coping with overheating
  8. Headlights/daytime running lights
  9. Turn signal lights/parking lights
  10. Front side marker lights
  11. LED accent lights*2
  12. Stop lights/tail lights/rear side marker lights/turn signal lights
  13. License plate lights
  14. Tail lights*2 Back-up lights
    Shifting the shift position to R
  15. Side turn signal lights*2

*1:Vehicles with a smart key system *2:If equipped

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