Toyota Corolla (E210): Instrument panel

  1. Engine switch Starting the engine/changing the positions*1 Starting the engine/changing the modes*2 Emergency stop of the engine When the engine will not start Warning messages
  2. Shift lever Changing the shift position Precautions for towing
    When the shift lever does not move
  3. Meters Reading the meters/adjusting the instrument panel light Warning lights/indicator lights When a warning light turns on
  4. Multi-information display Display
    When a warning message is displayed
  5. Turn signal lever Headlight switch Headlights/parking lights/tail lights/side marker lights/daytime running lights/LED accent lights*3
  6. Windshield wiper and washer switch Usage
    Adding washer fluid
  7. Emergency flasher switch
  8. Hood lock release lever
  9. Tilt and telescopic steering lock release lever
  10. Air conditioning system Usage
    Rear window defogger
  11. Audio system*4

*1:Vehicles without a smart key system *2:Vehicles with a smart key system *3:If equipped

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