Toyota Corolla (E120): Customer problem analysis check


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    When stopping the engine with the shift lever in a position other than P (vehicles with a continuously variable transmission)
    If the engine is stopped with the shift lever in a position other than P, the engine switch will not be turned off but instead be turned to ACCESSORY mode. Perform the following procedure to turn the switch off: 1 Check that the parking brake is set. 2 Shift the shift lever to P. ► Vehi ...

    Customizable features Your vehicle includes a variety of electronic features that can be personalized to suit your preferences. Programming these preferences requires specialized equipment and may be performed by your Toyota dealer. Customizing vehicle features ■ Changing by using the n ...

    The indicators inform the driver of the operating state of the vehicle’s various systems. *1: Vehicles without a smart key system: These lights turn on when the engine switch is turned to the “ON” position to indicate that a system check is being performed. They will turn off after the ...