Toyota Corolla (E120): Components


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    Basic inspection
    Resistance measuring condition of electronic parts  unless stated, all resistance is measured at an ambient temperature of 20 c (68 °F). As the resistance may be outside the specifications if measured at high temperatures immediately after the vehicle has been running, measu ...

    Malfunction in water temperature receiver gauge
    Wiring diagram Inspection procedure 1 Read value of hand–held tester Check output value of ecm.  Connect the hand–held tester to dlc3.  Turn the ignition switch to on and push the hand–held tester main switch on.  Select the data list mode on the hand–he ...

    Inspection procedure
    1 Check p/t squib(lh) circuit(airbag sensor assy center – front seat outer belt assy lh) Disconnect the negative (–) terminal cable from the battery, and wait at least for 90 seconds.  disconnect the connectors between the airbag sensor assy center and the seat belt pretensio ...