Toyota Corolla (E120): Components


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    Customizing vehicle features
    It is possible to customize the language and Eco Driving Indicator Light settings using the “DISP” switch. When customizing vehicle features, ensure that the vehicle is parked in a safe place with the shift the shift lever to P (continuously variable transmission) or N (manual transmissio ...

    Turning on light switch does not light up night time illumination of radio receiver
    Wiring diagram Inspection procedure 1 Inspect radio receiver assy(ill+, ill–) Check that the voltage between terminals at each condition, as shown in the chart. Standard: Repair or replace harness or connector ...

    Circuit description
    The camshaft position sensor (g22+ signal) consists of a magnet, iron core and pickup coil. The g22+ signal plate has 3 teeth on its outer circumference and is installed on the camshaft timing pulley. When the camshafts rotate, the protrusion on the signal plate and the air gap on the pi ...