Toyota Corolla (E120): Checking monitor status


: ”monitor result” indicates normal or malfunction of each component and system when judgment has done.

1. How to read data

  1. Connect the hand–held tester to the dlc 3.
  2.  enter ”monitor result” from ”diagnosis / enhanced obd ii / monitor info / monitor result” on the hand–held tester. You will see ”test id” and ”incmp”, ”pass” or ”fail” on the monitor result screen.



  • incmp: the judgement has not been done yet.
  • Pass: normal is detected.
  • Fail: malfunction is detected.

  1. Select a test id that you want from the list and press the ”enter” button. You will see the following screen:
  1.  val (test value) [test data] [unit]
  2.  lmt (test limit) [test limit] [unit]
  3.  tlt [test limit type]

  1. By pressing the ”help” button, you can see more information.



  • monitor test results can be viewed in the monitor result screen.
  • Monitor test results indicate the latest malfunction judgement result of this diagnostic.
  • Test value indicates the detection parameter value (example: p0128 thermostat malfunction = engine coolant temperature) at the time of malfunction (or normal) judgement is done.
  • Test limit indicates a threshold of malfunction judgement (example: p0128 thermostat malfunction = 75 c).
  • When the monitor runs, the monitored parameter’s value is recorded. The value is then compared to the test limit to determine if the result is pass or fail.
  • By comparing the parameter value to the test limit, it is possible to determine the degree of failure.
  • In rare cases, the monitor may have passed even with a dtc set and mil illuminated. The monitor may have failed on a previous trip, and then passed on the most recent trip. This would indicated an intermittent problem may be the cause of the dtc.
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