Toyota Corolla (E120): Replacement


: components:

1. Precaution

2. Disconnect battery negative terminal

3. Remove air bag front rh sensor

  1. Disconnect the connector from the airbag front rh sensor.
  2.  remove the 2 bolts and airbag front rh sensor.

4. Inspect air bag front rh sensor

5. Install air bag front rh sensor

  1.  check that the ignition switch is turned to off.
  2.  check that the battery negative terminal is disconnected.


    : do not start the operation for 90 seconds after removing the terminal.

  3.  install the airbag front rh sensor with the 2 bolts.

    Torque: 8.0 Nvm (82 kgfvcm, 71 invlbf)

  4.  connect the connector to the airbag front rh sensor.
  5.  check that no play is identified.

6. Inspect srs warning light

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