Toyota Corolla (E170): Items to initialize

Items to initialize

The following items must be initialized for normal system operation after such cases as maintenance being performed on the vehicle:

What to do if... (Troubleshooting)

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    Vehicle identification
    ■ Vehicle identification number The vehicle identification number (VIN) is the legal identifier for your vehicle. This is the primary identification number for your Toyota. It is used in registering the ownership of your vehicle. This number is stamped on the top left of the instrument p ...

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    Adjustment procedure ► Manual seat 1 Seat position adjustment lever 2 Seatback angle adjustment lever 3 Vertical height adjustment lever (driver’s side only) ► Power seat (driver’s side only) 1 Seat position adjustment switch 2 Seatback angle adjustment switch 3 Seat cush ...

    Circuit description
    The shift solenoid valve sl is turned ”on” and ”off” by signals from the ecm in order to control the hydraulic pressure operation, the lock–up relay valve, which then the controls operation of the lock–up clutch. Fail safe function: if the ecm detects a malfunction, it turns the ...