Toyota Corolla (E120): Diagnostic trouble code chart




  • when the srs warning light remains lit up and the dtc is the normal code, this means a voltage source drops.

    This malfunction is not stored in memory by the airbag sensor assy center and if the power source voltage returns to normal, the srs warning light will automatically go out.

  • When 2 or more codes are indicated, the codes will be displayed in numeral order starting from the lowest numbered code.
  • If a code not listed on the chart is displayed, the airbag sensor assy center is faulty.
  • In the case of any malfunction concerning any open circuit, ground short, or b+ short due to any squib, another malfunction code may not be detected. In this case, correct the malfunction currently being output, and then perform malfunction diagnosis again. Another malfunction code may then be detected.


Terminals of ecu

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