Toyota Corolla (E120): Components


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    1. Power window system circuit 2. Inspect power window regulator master switch assy Inspect the master switch continuity. [Driver’s switch (window unlock and lock)] Standard: [Front passenger’s switch (window unlock)] standard: [Front passenger’s switch (window lock)] ...

    Inspection procedure
    1 Inspect fuse(ecu–ig fuse) Remove ecu–ig fuse from the instrument panel j/b.  check continuity of ecu–ig fuse. Ok: continuity 2 Inspect battery Ok: voltage: 10 – 14 v 3 Inspect skid control ecu connector(ig1 terminal voltage) In case of using hand–held te ...

    Circuit description
    The camshaft position sensor (g22+ signal) consists of a magnet, iron core and pickup coil. The g22+ signal plate has 3 teeth on its outer circumference and is installed on the camshaft timing pulley. When the camshafts rotate, the protrusion on the signal plate and the air gap on the pi ...