Toyota Corolla (E120): Components


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    Front seats
    Adjustment procedure ► Manual seat 1 Seat position adjustment lever 2 Seatback angle adjustment lever 3 Vertical height adjustment lever (driver’s side only) ► Power seat (driver’s side only) 1 Seat position adjustment switch 2 Seatback angle adjustment switch 3 Seat cush ...

    Inspection procedure
    1 Inspect fuse(ecu–ig fuse) Remove ecu–ig fuse from the instrument panel j/b.  check continuity of ecu–ig fuse. Ok: continuity 2 Inspect battery Ok: voltage: 10 – 14 v 3 Inspect skid control ecu connector(ig1 terminal voltage) In case of using hand–held te ...

    Standard bolt
    How to determine bolt strength Specified torque for standard bolts How to determine nut strength *: Nut with 1 or more marks on one side surface of the nut. Hint: use the nut with the same number of the nut strength classification or the greater than the bolt strength classificati ...