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Toyota Corolla Repair Manual: Inspection procedure

1 Inspect dlc3 terminal voltage

  1. Turn the ignition switch to on.
  2.  measure voltage between terminals 13 (tc) and 4 (cg) of dlc3.

    Ok: voltage: 10 16 v

2 Check harness and connector(between cruise control ecu assy

2 Check harness and connector(between cruise control ecu assy and dlc3)

  1. Check for open and short circuit in harness and connector between cruise control ecu assy and dlc3

Check and replace cruise control ecu assy

Check and replace cruise control ecu assy

Circuit description
This circuit sends a signal to the cruise control ecu assy that dtc output is required. Wiring diagram ...

Engine control system

Other materials:

Diagnostic trouble code chart
The inspection procedures are shown in the table below. This table allows efficient and accurate troubleshooting using the diagnostic trouble codes displayed in the diagnostic trouble code chart. Proceed with troubleshooting in accordance with the inspection procedures listed in the diagnost ...

Inspection procedure
1 Check p/t squib(lh) circuit(airbag sensor assy center front seat outer belt assy lh) Disconnect the negative () terminal cable from the battery, and wait at least for 90 seconds.  disconnect the connectors between the airbag sensor assy center and the seat belt pretensioner ...

Listing the registered cellular phones
Select List Phone using .  The list of registered cellular phones will be displayed. ● Connecting the registered cellular phone to the audio system 1 Select the name of the cellular phone to be connected using . 2 Select Select using . ● Deleting a registered cellular pho ...

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