Toyota Corolla (E120): Transmitter battery


1. Replace transmitter battery


special caution should be taken for handling each component as they are precision electronic components.

  1. Using a screwdriver, pry out the transmitter case.


: do not forcibly pry out the case.


: tape the screwdriver tip before use.

  1. Remove the battery (lithium battery).



  • do not push the terminals with your finger.
  • Prying up the battery (lithium battery) to forcibly remove it will cause deformation of the terminals.
  • Do not touch the battery with wet hands. Water may cause unexpected rust.
  • Do not touch or move any components inside the transmitter as it may interfere with proper operation.

2. Install transmitter battery

  1.  install a new battery (lithium battery) with the positive (+) side up, as shown in the illustration.



  • be sure that the positive side and the negative side of the transmitter battery are matched–up correctly.
  • Be careful not to bend the electrode of the transmitter battery insertion.
  • Be careful that dust or oil does not adhere to the transmitter case.
  1.  install the case securely.
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