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Toyota Corolla Owners Manual: Screen for display settings

1 Press the “SETUP” button.

2Select “Display” on the “Setup” screen.

1 Adjust screen contrast/brightness 2  Adjust screen contrast/brightness of the rear view monitor camera 3 Changes to day mode.

Adjusting the screen contrast/brightness

Display settings
Settings are available for adjusting the contrast and brightness of the screen. ...

Adjusting the screen contrast/brightness
1 Select “General” on the “Display Settings” screen. 2 Adjust the display as desired by selecting “+” or “-”. ...

Other materials:

1. Notices when checking  power door lock/unlock function: the wireless remote control function operates only when the following 3 conditions are met.  No key is inserted into the ignition key cylinder.  All the doors are closed. However, doors can be unlocked even wh ...

Bluetooth® (Multimedia system)
Bluetooth® ■When using the Bluetooth® audio system ●In the following conditions, the system may not function. • If the portable audio player is turned off • If the portable audio player is not connected • If the portable audio player’s battery is low ●There may be a delay if ...

Inspection procedure
Hand–held tester: 1 Check fuel tank cap assy(check that fuel tank cap is toyota genuine parts) 2 Check that fuel tank cap is correctly installed 3 Inspect fuel tank cap assy 4 Check filler neck for damage Remove the fuel tank cap.  visually check the fuel inlet pipe for d ...

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