Toyota Corolla (E120): Problem symptoms table

Warning lights:

Indicator lights:

Indicator lights:

On–vehicle inspection

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    1. Remove hood sub–assy 2. Remove cylinder head cover no.2 3. Remove battery 4. Remove battery carrier Remove the 4 bolts and battery carrier. 5. Remove air cleaner assembly with hose 6. Remove floor shift cable transmission control shift Remove the nut from the control shaf ...

    1. Drain clutch fluid 2. Remove brake master cylinder sub–assy 3. Remove brake booster assy 4. Disconnect clutch reservoir tube Loosen the clip and disconnect the clutch reservoir tube from the clutch master cylinder assy. Hint: use a container to catch the fluid. 5. Disconnect ...

    Bluetooth® audio/phone
    The following can be performed using Bluetooth® wireless communication: ■ Bluetooth® audio The Bluetooth® audio system enables you to enjoy music played on a portable player from the vehicle speakers via wireless communication. This audio system supports Bluetooth®, a wireless data sy ...