Toyota Corolla (E120): Customer problem analysis



  • in troubleshooting, the problem symptoms must be confirmed accurately, meaning that all preconceptions must be set aside in order to make an accurate judgement. To ascertain what the problem symptoms are, it is extremely important to ask the customer about the problem and conditions when it occurred.
  • The following 5 items are important points in the problem analysis. Past problems which are thought to be unrelated and the repair history, etc. May also help in some cases. Therefore, as much information as possible should be gathered and its relationship with the problem symptoms should be correctly ascertained for use as reference in troubleshooting. A customer problem analysis table is provided for your use in the diagnostics section for each system.

(Sample) supplemental restraint system check sheet.

(Sample) supplemental restraint system check sheet.

Symptom confirmation and diagnostic trouble code

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