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Toyota Corolla Repair Manual: The ambient temperature does not display

Toyota Corolla Repair Manual / Diagnostics / Combination meter / The ambient temperature does not display

Wiring diagram

Inspection procedure

Inspection procedure

1 Inspect outer ambient temperature sensor

  1. Remove cooler (ambient temp. Sensor) thermistor.
  2.  measure resistance between terminals 1 and 2 of cooler (ambient temp. Sensor) thermistor connector at each temperature.

    at 0 c (0 f) : 9.097 9.701 KΩ at 25 c (77 f) : 2.725 2.865 KΩ


: as the temperature increases, the resistance decreases.


2 Check harness and connector

2 Check harness and connector

Check and replace combination meter assy

Check and replace combination meter assy

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