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Toyota Corolla Owners Manual: Fastening and releasing the seat belt

Toyota Corolla Owners Manual / For safety and security / For safe use / Seat belts / Fastening and releasing the seat belt

1 To fasten the seat belt, push the plate into the buckle until a click sound is heard.

2 To release the seat belt, press the release button.

Adjusting the seat belt shoulder anchor height (front seats)

Correct use of the seat belts
● Extend the shoulder belt so that it comes fully over the shoulder, but does not come into contact with the neck or slide off the shoulder. ● Position the lap belt as low as possible o ...

Adjusting the seat belt shoulder anchor height (front seats)
1 Push the seat belt shoulder anchor down while pressing the release button. 2 Push the seat belt shoulder anchor up. Move the height adjuster up and down as needed until you hear a click. ...

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