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Toyota Corolla Owners Manual: Driving monitor

■ Switching the display

Items displayed can be switched by pressing the DISP switch.

■ Average fuel consumption

■ Average fuel consumption

Displays the average fuel consumption since the function was reset.

Press and hold the DISP switch to reset when the average fuel consumption is displayed.

Use the displayed average fuel consumption as a reference.

■ Current fuel consumption

Displays the current rate of fuel consumption.

Use the displayed current fuel consumption as a reference.

■ Driving range

Displays the estimated maximum distance that can be driven with the quantity of fuel remaining.

This distance is computed based on your average fuel consumption. As a result, the actual distance that can be driven may differ from that displayed.

When only a small amount of fuel is added to the tank, the display may not be updated.

When refueling, turn the engine switch off. If the vehicle is refueled without turning the engine switch off, the display may not be updated.

■ Average vehicle speed

Displays the average vehicle speed since the engine was last started.

■ Elapsed time

Displays the elapsed time since the engine was started.


Language and Eco Driving Indicator Light settings can be changed.


■ Eco Driving Indicator Zone Display (except vehicles with a manual transmission)

Trip information
■ Switching the display Items displayed can be switched by pressing the display change button. ■ Odometer Displays the total distance the vehicle has been driven. ■ Trip meter ...

Customizing vehicle features
It is possible to customize the language and Eco Driving Indicator Light settings using the DISP switch. When customizing vehicle features, ensure that the vehicle is parked in a safe place wit ...

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