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Toyota Corolla Repair Manual: Speed sensor front lh

Toyota Corolla Repair Manual / Brake / Speed sensor front lh



: replace the rh side by the same procedure as the lh side.

1. Remove front wheel

2. Remove front fender liner lh

3. Remove speed sensor front lh

  1. Disconnect the speed sensor wire harness clamp from the body.
  2.  disconnect the speed sensor connector.

  1. Remove the 2 clamp bolts holding the sensor harness from the body and shock absorber.

  1. Remove the bolt and speed sensor front lh.


: keep on the sensor tip clean.

4. Install speed sensor front lh

  1. Install the speed sensor front lh with the bolt.

    Torque: 8.0 Nvm (82 Kgfcm, 71 in.Vlbf)


: make sure the sensor tip is clean.

  1. Install the sensor harness clamp with the 2 bolts a and b to the body and shock absorber.

    bolt a: 8.0 Nvm (82 Kgfcm, 71 in.Vlbf) bolt b: 29 nvm (296 Kgfcm, 21 ftlbf)

  1. Connect the speed sensor connector.
  2.  connect the speed sensor wire harness clamp to the body.

5. Install front fender liner lh

6. Install front wheel

torque: 103 nvm (1,050 Kgfcm, 76 ftlbf)

7. Check abs speed sensor signal

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